Sunday, February 18, 2018

Robert Mueller Surprises Again, Indicts Russians For Election Intrusion

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor: More Indictments Are Coming

Lawrence: Donald Trump's Fears About What Vladimir Putin Knows

Lawrence: Robert Mueller Likely Has A Third Cooperating Witness

Donald Trump Administration Giving Russia What It Wants On Sanctions

Globe Columnist Asks: 'What The Hell Happened To John Kelly?'

The Rich Want To Keep You Dumb

Republicans Are Losing Their Religion On Deficits

Rob Porter Access To Classified Info Raises Huge Legal Question

GOP Redistricting Trick, Threats To Impeach Judges Amid Blue Wave

Republican: 'Staggering' GOP 'Cowardice' Enables Donald Trump

Trump's Deficit-Bursting Budget Revealed

Top Trump Aide Resigns After Abuse Allegations

Republicans Respond To Rob Porter Scandal

Cyber Security Head: Russia Hacked Elections In 21 States

Uncle Sam Borrowing Trillions To Pay For GOP Tax Plan

Monday, February 12, 2018

Nunes Steps In A Big Pile Of Papadopoulos

Report: Robert Mueller ‘Zeros In’ On Donald Trump Tower Meeting Story

Donald Trump Lawyers Worry He'd Perjure Himself In Russia Probe

Devin Nunes Memo Stunt Blows Up In GOP's Face

Nance: President Trump’s FBI And DOJ Attacks “From The Dictator’s Playbook”

Devin Nunes Admits His Memo Was Based On Lies, He’s Just Mad About FBI’s Font Size

Devin Nunes Challenger: He Is “Donald Trump’s Stooge”

FBI Insider On What The Devin Nunes Memo Tells America's Enemies

For All The Hype, Nunes Memo Delivers Sad Trombone For Donald Trump

Rewrite: John Kelly Picks Sides In Donald Trump v. Truth

Donald Trump Faith Misplaced In Memo Reportedly Focused On Carter Page

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Investigate Russia: Get The Truth (Full Interview)

Trump's 20 Worst Broken Promises

Report: Robert Mueller Examining Trump Tower Meeting Cover Story

Russia Spy Chiefs Met In U.S. With Donald Trump Officials Last Week

What Ordering Robert Mueller To Be Fired Means Legally For Donald Trump

Donald Trump Jr.-Russia Meeting Explanation Reportedly Under Scrutiny

Steve Schmidt: President Donald Trump SOTU Speech Given From "Alternate Reality"

The Impeachment Case Against President Donald Trump

Chelsea Handler Leaves Show To Get Women Elected

More Obstruction Of Justice Questions Trail President Donald Trump

Fox News Flummoxed By Donald Trump-Robert Mueller Story

Richard Blumenthal: President Donald Trump Obstruction Case Credible

Space Champagne - AKA Space Bubbly - By Kazzit

Fmr. Twitter CEO: It’s Hard To Stop Russian Bots

GOP Tries To Save President Donald Trump, Attacks FBI, U.S. Intelligence

Donald Trump Ally: Robert Mueller Interview May Be A 'Perjury Trap'

Donald Trump Rattled By Explosive FBI Resignation Report

Donald Trump Admin Ducking Accountability On Inaugural Slush Fund

Trump IRS Nominee Built Career Helping the Rich Avoid Taxes

Is NRA Funneling Russian Mob Money To Trump?

Hannity: There's No Proof! Wait...There's Proof?

Republicans Going Full Alex Jones