Sunday, June 17, 2018

President Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Sent To Jail To Await Trial

Lawrence: Who's Sleeping Better: Paul Manafort Or President Donald Trump?

Don Lemon on Trump: Today was 'Lyin' Friday'

President Trump Keeps Praising North Korea's Murderous Dictator Kim Jong Un

Entire Trump Family Named In Massive Charity Fraud Lawsuit

New York A.G. Files Fraud Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Family, Foundation

Trump Gets Reminded That Kim Jong-un Is A Murderer, Responds With “He’s A Tough Guy”

Lawrence: Trump Tries To ‘Steal The Grief’ Of Fallen Soldiers' Parents

Trump Defends "Tough" Kim Jong-Un

Trump Salutes North Korean General

Trump Makes A Complete Ass Of Himself At G7 Summit

Shocker: President Trump Lawyer Hints At Michael Cohen Mob Ties

Richard Nixon's Lawyer Flipped To Get Out Of Prison. How's Cohen Feeling?

President Trump Military Exercise Giveaway To N. Korea Suits Putin's Goals

Report: President Donald Trump ‘Very Worried’ About Mueller Probe

President Donald Trump Surprises Staff, Wants Russia At G7

People Who Obstruct Justice Usually Have Something To Hide

Bob Mueller Indicts Russian Known As 'Paul Manafort's Manafort'

Light Of Russia Investigation Sends President Trump Affiliates Scattering

New Cambridge Analytica Revelations Connect President Trump Russia Dots

United Nations: U.S. Is Violating Human Rights

EPA Imploding Under Weight Of Scott Pruitt Scandals

Pork, Iron, Steel, Dairy And Other Industries Facing Consequences

President Trump, GOP Keep Scott Pruitt On Despite Flagrant Abuse Of Office

Mueller Puts President Trump In Desperate Position; Pardon Spree A Bad Idea

Melber On Trump’s Self-Pardon Claim: Pardons Are For Criminals

Lawrence On Obstruction And “The Michael Cohen Tapes"

President Donald Trump Sends Signal With Pardons, Could Face Rude Awakening

How A President Trump Pardon In Collusion Case Could Be A Crime

Trump Is Running Out Of Allies And Time In Mueller Probe

Former Fox Analyst Blasts Network As “Destructive Propaganda Machine For Trump”

Is Trump Tweeting Himself Into Prison?

Trump On Pardoning Himself

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Life of Anthony Bourdain, a Rebel in the Kitchen

Famed Chef & TV Personality Anthony Bourdain Found Dead At 61: Inside His Life & Legacy

The life and legacy of Anthony Bourdain, in his own words

Anthony Bourdain: A Look Back At His Legacy

Fareed Zakaria: Anthony Bourdain was a great cultural ambassador

Anderson Cooper’s tribute to his friend Anthony Bourdain

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Bourdain: Life is precious

Remembering the life of Anthony Bourdain

Unraveling Trump Team Can’t Keep All The Lies Straight