Saturday, May 18, 2019

Unsealed Court Docs In Flynn Case Add Detail To Trump Obstruction

Robert Mueller Reveals New Unredacted Information Re: Obstruction

This Is What Obstruction Of Justice Looks Like

Trump v. Congress: Trump's Top Lawyer ‘Should Brush Up On The Law’

Senator Lindsey Graham Wants Trump Jr. To Ignore Senate Subpoenas

Trump Lies About His Trade War with China: A Closer Look

Judiciary Chair: Trump AG Barr 'Is Just A Liar'

President Trump Lawyers May Need Lawyers Over Fallout From Michael Cohen Lie

Targets Of House Investigations Into Donald Trump Revealed In Court Docs

Defending Science In The 'Post-Truth Era'

Donald Trump Era Pressures A Test Of Courage For Battle-Hardened James Baker

Counterintel Elements Of Trump-Russia Probe Remain In A Black Box

The World Just Took a Major Step To Curb Plastic Pollution, But the U.S. Refused to Join Effort

Republicans Shamed for Protecting 'Pathetic' Trump and Barr

President Trump Versus The Mueller Investigation: One Fight On Many Fronts

President Donald Trump Is Still A Con Artist

Trump's Taxes Released, America's Biggest Loser

AOC's PERFECT Response To A Republican Defending Big Pharma

NYT Report On Donald Trump Taxes Begs The Question: Who Is Paying Trump?

Trump Is Freaking Out About Mueller’s Upcoming Testimony

Billion Dollar Loser: NYT Report on Trump’s Taxes & Massive Losses May Prompt Fraud Investigation

Fmr Prosecutor: Trump 'Scared' Of 'Explosive' Mueller Testimony

Elizabeth Warren: We Need To Impeach President Donald Trump Now

Lawrence Interviews Presidential Contender Eric Swalwell

Kamala Harris: Barr's Non-Response On Suggestions From W.H. 'Suspicious'

Lawrence Interviews Presidential Contender Elizabeth Warren

Governor Jay Inslee Introduces A Bold New Climate Policy

DOJ Insider: Barr Acts As Trump’s Lawyer Not The Attorney General

The Creeping Authoritarianism Of President Donald Trump

Rep. Katie Porter Calls On President Donald Trump To Release His Tax Returns

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Barr Refuses to Testify After Lying About Mueller: A Closer Look

Neal Katyal: Mueller Revealed Trump Is What We Call 'A Felon'

Trump & Putin Doing ‘An End Zone Dance’ Over Mueller Investigation Findings

FBI Official: Trump's Silence On Russian Interference With Putin Is ‘Assent’

Sen. Kamala Harris Grills AG Barr About the Mueller Report | NowThis

Elizabeth Warren Reads Full Mueller Report in Congress, Calls for Impeachment | NowThis

Mueller Insider: He Will Reveal Trump’s Criminal Obstruction

‘The Soul On Today's Menu Belongs To White House Lawyer Emmet Flood’

Meacham: Barr Decided His Fate Is Better Off With Trump Than The Rule Of Law

Neal Katyal: America Is A Lot Stronger Than William Barr And Donald Trump

William Barr ROASTED During Testimony

Chairman Adam Schiff: A.G. Barr Deliberately Misled The Congress

Trump AG Testifies, Instantly Implodes

Senator Mazie Hirono Lays Into Attorney General William Barr

Kamala Harris STUNS William Barr

Nicolle Wallace: Attorney General William Barr Is Lying About What's In The Report

Representative Pramila Jayapal On Historic Medicare Hearings In House

Thursday, May 9, 2019

President Donald Trump Trying To Obstruct Congressional Investigations

Former SDNY Chief Impressed With Mueller’s 12 Criminal Referrals

Uncovered: What The Mueller Report Tells Us About Trump And Dangled Pardons

Mueller Report Shows President Donald Trump’s Repeated Efforts To Obstruct

Dem Trashes Trump Over Broken Promises to Workers | NowThis

WaPo: Trump surpassed 10,000 false or misleading claims

President Donald Trump's Scramble To Block Congressional Investigations

Fox News Judge: President Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice

Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain

Anderson Cooper slams Trump's 'routine dishonesty'

Trump Says He Won’t Comply With ANY Investigations

Mueller’s Bombshell: Trump Can Be Impeached Or Indicted Later