Sunday, June 19, 2016

Obama In Yosemite -Full Speech

Obama: Fathers Must Speak Up Against Gun Violence

Obama At #StateOfWomen Summit - Full Speech

David Cay Johnston: There is "Incredibly Strong Evidence" Donald Trump Has Committed Tax Fraud

Dishwashers, Plumbers, Waiters & Lawyers: Hundreds Accuse Trump of Failing to Pay for Their Work

Trump Revokes Washington Post’s Press Credentials

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Former CIA Director Says Trump Is A Huge Recruiter for ISIS

Sen Franken: How Many Tragedies Until Congress Finds Moral Conviction To Address Gun Violence?

Obama Rips Trump, GOP Over Muslim Rhetoric

Australia Stopped Mass Shootings After 1996 Massacre, So Why Doesn't the U.S. Follow Suit?

Orlando Massacre Comes After Lawmakers in U.S. Filed More Than 200 Anti-LGBT Bills

Hundreds Stand Against Hatred In Wake Of Orlando Shootings

Obama On Orlando Shootings - Full Statement

Deadliest Attack Ever on LGBT Community Claims Lives of 50 People in Orlando, Mostly Young Latinos

The Climate Change Scam Trump Is Running...

Trump's Fear-mongering Lies About Refugees

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls for votes for 15 federal District Court nominees

Elizabeth Warren 2016 American Constitution Society Speech

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out GOP Efforts to Roll Back Dodd-Frank

Saving "The Company Town" From the Koch Bros...

Baseball With No Umpires? The GOP Thinks So….

Trump Paid Off Attorney General To Drop Trump U Fraud Investigation

Congressman to Trump: return 9/11 funds

Trump Orders Cronies To Call His Critics Racist

Trump University Scandal Just Scratches the Surface of Trump’s Horrible Business Practices

White nationalists encouraged by Trump's message