Saturday, November 16, 2019

Trump Ukraine Theory Seen As Classic Vladimir Putin Alternative Narrative

‘This Is Worse Than Nixon:’ Neal Katyal On The Impeachment Latest

'Injurious': Trump Attacks Impeachment Witness During Testimony

Michael McFaul On Yovanovitch's Removal: She Was Getting In The Way Of 'The Drug Deal,'

Wallace: This Was 'Real-Time Witness Tampering And Intimidation' By The President

'Very Intimidating': Yovanovitch Responds To Trump's Mid-Testimony Twitter Attacks

Yovanovitch Gives Dire Warning Of The Degradation Of The State Department Under Trump

Revelations From Marie Yovanovich's Testimony in Trump Impeachment Hearing

Friday, November 15, 2019

Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings - November 15, 2019 (Day 2)

Trump Impeachment Hearing With Yovanovitch - Live

Elephant In The Impeachment Hearing: Trump Hands Russia Big Wins

Laurence Tribe On Impeachment: It’s About Time We Pay Attention To Constitution

Impeachment Witness Details Ukrainian Troops At Risk Over Withheld Aid

Trump Impeachment Hearing Offers Universal Anti-Corruption Lesson

Top Prosecutor On Impeachment Case: Trump Was 'Cheating' To Win Re-election

Chris Hayes On How The New Testimony Ties Trump To Ukraine Pressure

Impeachment Hearing Surprises With New Allegation Against Trump

“This Is Unacceptable”: Ex-Congresswoman Who Voted to Impeach Nixon Says Trump Is a Rogue President

Day One Impeachment Testimony Ties Trump Closer To Ukraine Controversy

Republicans Embarrass Themselves During First Impeachment Hearing

Chris Wallace: Trump is SCREWED

Bill Taylor CRUSHES Trump's Impeachment Defense

First Public Impeachment Hearing Presents Triple Threat To Trump

Impeachment Hearing Ties Trump More Directly To Ukraine Pressure

WITNESS: Giuliani Ran Shadow Foreign Policy

'Wrong, Crazy, Illogical': Impeachment Witness Unloads On Trump Bribery Plot At First Public Hearing

Impeachment Day 1: Bricks Of Bribery Evidence Pile Up Against Trump

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings - November 13, 2019 (Day 1)

Trump Impeachment Hearing Live

Key Feature Of Trump Impeachment Witness Testimony: Expertise

Rep. Adam Schiff: President Donald Trump Could Be Impeached For Bribery

How Ukraine Propaganda Backfired On Trump In Impeachment Probe

Breaking: Chairman Schiff Says Dems Can Impeach Trump For Bribery

Trump Administration Models Corruption Even As It Scolds Ukraine

Republicans Struggle To Address Substance Of Impeachment Inquiry

Rick Perry Is Up To His Neck In The Ukraine Scandal

Key Witnesses Testify Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Directed By Mick Mulvaney

Chris Hayes On Just What Giuliani And Barr Were Willing To Do To Help Trump

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Trump Bribery Breakdown: Ari Melber Shows Witnesses Turning On Trump

Trump In Deep Trouble As Key Witness Changes Testimony To Confirm Extortion

Transcripts Released From Witnesses To Key Flashpoints Of Ukraine Scandal

Testimony CONFIRMS Trump’s Quid Pro Quo

Latest Transcript Release Describes Alarm Over Pressure Campaign On Ukraine

Stone Trial Opens New Window On Trump's Awareness Of Russian Help

Top U.S. Diplomat To Ukraine Ties President Donald Trump To Quid Pro Quo

Republicans Struggle To Find Some Way To Defend Trump

Ari Melber: New Impeachment Witness ‘Blows The Whistle’ On Bribery, An Impeachable Offense

U.S. Diplomat Testimony Released, Paints A Haunting Of A Shadow Foreign Policy

Chris Hayes: Yes, There Was A Quid Pro Quo

Trump-Favored Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Traced To Russian Intel

Trump's Holiday Gift To Corporate America

Trump Official CONFIRMS President's Crimes

Previous Trump, Ukraine Transactions Mirrored Later Quid Pro Quo

Laurence Tribe: Trump Committed ‘High Crimes And Misdemeanors’

No Defense Of Trump From Republicans In Released Impeachment Depositions

Chris Hayes: The Transcripts Are As Damning As Expected

The First Look At The Transcripts From Witnesses In The Impeachment Investigation

President Donald Trump May Have Worked A Previous Ukraine Quid Pro Quo: WaPo

Chris Hayes Presents 9 Pieces Of Evidence Of Quid Pro Quo

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Republicans SCHOOLED on Definition of Patriotism After Vindman Smears

Chris Hayes: President Donald Trump Said His Call Was ‘Perfect’ -- But He's Lying.

Another Day, Another President Donald Trump Lie Exposed

Trump Backers Aim To Smear War Hero Amid More Damaging Testimony

Why Trump's Attacks On The Impeachment Inquiry Are Good For Putin

Parnas Associations Range From Russian Mob To Trump Legal Team

Impeachment Witness Says Transcript Of Trump-Zelenskiy Call Was Not Complete

Despite Twists, President Donald Trump Saga Actually Just One, Big Scandal

Friday, November 8, 2019

Would the Founding Fathers Impeach Trump? with Robert Reich

A rare look inside nuclear powered submarine USS Florida | Nightline

Trump Lawyers Argue His Crimes Can't Be Investigated, Prosecuted

Samantha Power On President Donald Trump, Russia, And Bill Taylor

Diplomat Worried Trump Would Stiff Ukraine After Leveraging Favor

UK Prime Minister Withholding Report On Russia's Role In Brexit

Amb. Bill Taylor's 'Devastating' Opening Statement Draws 'Direct Line' To Trump

Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020

The Instagram Page Of An Indicted Rudy Giuliani Associate

Watergate Prosecutor: Trump And Giuliani 'Committed Crimes'

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Rudy Giuliani Is 'On His Way To Becoming A Convicted Felon'

Trump National Security Official On Trump & Syria: ‘This Is Just Obscene’

Trump & Ukraine: Russia Looms Large In Ukrainian Politics

Rudy Giuliani “Should Be Worried” About SDNY Probe

Russia Filling The Power Vacuum Left By The U.S. In Syria

Giuliani Role In President Donald Trump Ukraine Scheme Develops New Twists

As Trump Installs Enablers, He Leaves Behind Witnesses

‘Shell Shocked’: Fox Insider Warns More Trump ‘Propaganda’ With Shep Smith Out

Former Ambassador Excoriates Corruption Of Trump Acolytes

Where President Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Come From

Rudy Giuliani Is Just A Fixer With A Law Degree

Facilitators Looked Past Legal Concerns In Trump Ukraine Scheme

Fmr. CIA Operative: Arrested Giuliani Associates "Tremendously Sloppy"

Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme

U.S. Troops Reportedly Devastated Over Syria Pullout

Chris Hayes: The Sheer Scope Of Trump’s Corruption Keeps Unfolding

Laurence Tribe: Trump "Is Not Above The Law And He Will Learn His Lesson"

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Ukraine Plot Shows Trump Now A 'Domestic Enemy Of The Constitution'

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Erratic Trump Endangers US Personnel, World Standing: Brett McGurk

Trump Asked Rex Tillerson To Help Giuliani Client With DOJ: Bloomberg

FEC Chair Sets The Record Straight On Foreign Interference In An Election

Phone Call Notes Expose Barr's Deep Involvement In Ukraine Scheme

Let's talk about whistleblowers and treason....

“Selling Out America’s Values.”

Why Trump’s Ukraine Call Meets The Founders’ Impeachment Standard

Watch: Nicolle Wallace Cuts Away From Trump: 'We Hate To Do This, But Trump Isn't Telling The Truth'

Frank Figliuzzi: Trump 'Actually Compromised Himself' With Russia

Rpt: Trump WH Limited Access To Transcripts Of Calls With Vladimir Putin

Trump Fixation On Exonerating Russia Entangles William Barr, Pompeo

Trump Surprises With Outreach Abroad To Subvert US Intelligence

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Farmers: Trump's Trade War Leaves Industry 'Worse, Not Better'

New Ethanol Rules Are Testing Farmers' Support Of President Donald Trump

Nuclear Monitoring Stations Fall Silent After Russian Explosion

Trump Aims To Open Vital U.S. Forest To Logging, Drilling, Mining

Even Oil Companies Think Trump’s Environmental Destruction Is Awful

Ramping Up Climate Crisis: Trump's New Environmental Rollback

Trump Pointlessly Poisoning The World

How One Rich American Is Helping to Burn the Amazon for Profit

The Entire World Is Burning

Trump Donors Lit The Amazon On Fire

How Bolsonaro’s Climate Change Denial & Anti-Indigenous Policies Led to Massive Fires in the Amazon

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mitch McConnell At Nexus Of Increased Russian Leverage On U.S.

Army Veteran Calls President Donald Trump 'The Biggest Enemy'

Carl Reiner and Other Veterans Speak Out Against Trump

The President Donald Trump Team Rewrites The Statue Of Liberty

The President Donald Trump Administration's Attack On The Statue Of Liberty

Trump Reminds Us How Far He's Lowered The Bar

Man Charged For Threatening AOC

President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns

Donald Trump Business Conflicts Further Degrade US Credibility On China

Trump Lie Count EXPLODES to 12,000+

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Trump Administration Announces Rules Weakening Endangered Species Act

Black GOP Congressman Rebukes Party, Trump: Don't Be A 'Racist'

Beto O'Rourke Calls Out Trump as a Racist After El Paso Shooting

Trump's Rallies Reveal A Horrifying TRUTH

Exposed: Facts Prove White Supremacy Is Not A ‘Hoax’

Ex-FBI Agent Speaks Out: Federal Authorities Have Downplayed White Supremacist Violence for Too Long

Hate Crime Expert: Crimes Spike Around Trump's Election, Rhetoric

Beto O’Rourke Says What All Of Us Are Thinking

White Nationalist Domestic Terror Reaches Crisis Point For U.S.

Trump Supporter MELTDOWN: “It’s Fake News!”

Viral QAnon Video Shows Cult-Like Followers Will Believe Anything

QAnon and Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists Rampant at Trump Rallies

CNN anchor lists the 'baseless' conspiracies Trump has pushed

FBI Warns of Fringe Conspiracy Theories

Hong Kong Protests: A Reaction to Beijing's Growing Effort for Control

ALERT: Trump Internet Censorship Order is Authoritarian CRISIS

US Withdrawal from INF Treaty Creates Greater Nuclear Instability

"They are fed up": Moscow protests challenge the Kremlin's authority

Exterminating the Future: World Outcry Grows as Brazil Rapidly Expands Deforestation of Amazon

Riot Police Clash With Hong Kong Protesters As Demonstrations Grow Violent

Nina Khrushcheva on Moscow Protests, Nuclear Tensions & How U.S. Media Creates Animosity with Russia

“The Next Step Is the Kremlin”: Why Moscow Protests Have Putin’s Government Worried

Hong Kong Grounds Flights as Mass Sit-in Shuts Down Airport After Weekend of Protests

Sunday, July 28, 2019

'Moscow Mitch' Under Fire For Ignoring Election Security

McConnell Is Refusing To Protect America From Election Interference

Neal Katyal On How To Prosecute A Sitting President

Mitch McConnell Partners With Russian Hackers

The Must-See Mueller Testimony Moments

Senate Report: Russia Targeted Voting Systems In All 50 States

Mitch McConnell Still Won’t Protect Our Elections

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Biggest Moments from Robert Mueller's Congressional Hearing

Some Surprises Among Damning Mueller Testimony, Bad Day For Donald Trump

Mueller Knocks Down Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ Claim

No Hoax Here: Highlights of Collusion Talk in Robert Mueller's Testimony

Rep. Eric Swalwell on Witness Tampering, Communication with Putin at Mueller Testimony

Rep. Adam Schiff's Opening Statement at Mueller Testimony

Mueller: Trump Asked Staff To Falsify Records To Protect Himself Related To Investigation

Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security 'Fundamentally Damaged'

Robert Reich: How Corporate Welfare Hurts You

Just 4 Republicans Stand Up To Trump, Condemn Racist Tweets

Can You Exonerate The President? & Other Questions Porter Would Ask Mueller

Another Former Donald Trump Aide Convicted; Mike Flynn Strategy Suffers Blow

Haaland: As A Native American, I'd Never Tell Anyone To Leave This Country

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Challenges Trump Official on Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group

Congresswomen Rebuke Trump's 'Racism' And 'Weak' Leadership

Jon Meacham: Trump Joined Johnson As ‘Most Racist President In American History'

Trump Org. Insider: He's Scared Tax Returns Will Expose Lies

Fmr Border Patrol Agent 'Not Surprised' At Racist, Sexist Report

Lawmaker: Trump Causing 'Pain' To Kids In Migrant 'Jail Cells'

How YouTube "Radicalizes" The Alt-Right

What Are U.S. Allies Saying About Trump Behind His Back? New Leaks

New Federal Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein Describe Familiar Pattern