Monday, May 30, 2016

Raw video: President Obama's Memorial Day speech

Obama On Remembering Our Fallen Heroes - Memorial Day 2016

Obama Speaks To Military In Hiroshima

Bill McKibben on Exxon, the Power of Divestment, and Being Targeted by Shadowy Right-Wing Group

Has Exxon Doomed Our Planet?

Has the Fossil Fuel Industry Taken Us Off the Cliff?

Senator Accidentally Pre-Rejects Merrick Garland

The Koch Bros Right Wing Lab....

Vets Group Demands Trump Apology

Trump’s Energy Plan Is Insane

Trump drops any pretense of presidential demeanor in campaign

Racist Bigots and Misogynists: The Extent of Trump's Voter Base

White supremacists see opportunity in Trump campaign success

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Opposes GOP Effort to Roll Back New Protections for Retirement Savings

Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump can NEVER be the President

Trump And Extremism: A Primer on Donald Trump's Fringe Friends

Trump Says He’ll Dismantle Wall Street Reform

Trump Admits Climate Change Is Real…At His Golf Course

Trump's Mob Ties Exposed

Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama Signs Executive Order On Overtime Pay

Chomsky on Trump’s Climate Denialism: He Wants Us to March Toward the Destruction of the Species

Dr. Michael Mann on Dying Oceans & Intense Fires

Fossil Fuel Billionaires Kill Children

Trump tempts backlash with attack on VA

Chomsky: Today's Republican Party is a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History

Trump - The Southern Strategy On Steroids

Bizarre fakery scandal hurts Trump character

Trump Denies Pretending To Be His Own PR Guy

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Border Wall (HBO)

Trump On Letting The Economy Collapse

The REAL Reason Voter ID Laws Exist

Trump Campaign No Longer “Self-Funding”

Poll: Trump less popular than lice, still backed by GOP voters

Trump Picks White Supremacist Leader as California Delegate, Then Blames Selection on Database Error

Why Trump Will NEVER Release His Tax Returns

Is Donald Trump the Duck Dynasty Version of Reagan?

Trump's GOP Hitman Who's Stealing Your Vote

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kansas Trickle-Down Experiment Enriches Donors, Kills Jobs

Sen. Elizabeth Warren at Central States Pension Rally

Chris Christie Vetoes Equal Pay For Women - GOP War on Women Continues

Obama's Howard University Commencement Address- Full Speech

How Hispanic Voters Will Crush Republicans

Even Republican Women Fleeing Trump In Droves

Obama on Trump As GOP Nominee:"This is Not Entertainment"

Obama Honors National Teacher Of Year And Finalists - Full Event

Franken: Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Deserves A Hearing

Obama's One Liners At His Final White House Correspondents Dinner