Thursday, December 21, 2017

Republicans Coming To Steal More

Don't Believe Republicans Who Say They Care About Debt

GOP Group Meeting In Secret To Undermine Donald Trump Investigation

How GOP Attacks On Robert Mueller Threaten American Democracy

Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Republican tax bill passing Congress

Meet The Koch Son Who Designs Literal Money Bag Shirts

Republicans Pass Disastrous Tax Cuts

Lawrence: GOP Like 'Pigs At The Trough' Of Donald Trump's Tax Bill

GOP Tax Bill Set To Make Rich Richer At Everyone Else's Expense

Republican Attack On Robert Mueller Donald Trump Investigation Falls Apart

FBI Warned Donald Trump In 2016 To Report Russian Overtures

Trump Promised To End Hedge Fund Handout (He's Increasing It)

Republican DESTROYS Trump Nominee

THIS Is How Fascism Begins

Buy American? Trump’s New Line Of Gear Made In China And Bangladesh

Trump Wants To Cut Aide To American Children To Pay For Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Republicans Agree on Tax Bill “Of, By and For the Political Donor Class” with Tax Cuts for the Rich

Lawrence: Rich Get Richer In Deficit-Exploding GOP Tax Bill

Activist With ALS: Kill The GOP Tax Bill & Save My Life

Senator Bernie Sanders: GOP Tax Bill Is Simply A 'Gift' To 1%

Josh Earnest: GOP Is "Desperate" To Undermine Robert Mueller

Net Neutrality Officially Dead

Did President Donald Trump Tell Michael Flynn To Lie To The FBI?

Steve Bannon Speechless After Roy Moore Loss In Alabama

Saturday, December 16, 2017

First Dossier News Lost Amid 2016 Bombshells

Author Of “Collusion” On Mueller’s Latest Subpoenas

Russian Report Confirms Attack On US Election

Donald Trump W.H. Grilled Over Reported Plan For Private Spy Network

Paul Ryan: Now We're Coming For Your Medicare

You Won't Believe How Much TV Trump Watches...DAILY

Republican Senators Lock Office Doors, Refuse To Talk To Constituents About Tax Bill

Republicans Secretly Love Welfare, But Only When It Is For The Rich

Trump Incoherently Slurs Words During Speech; Serious Mental Decline Or Bad Dental Work?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Russia Side Of Donald Trump Scandal About Sanctions

Eric Swalwell: Donald Trump Jr.'s Attorney-Client Privilege Claim 'Bogus'

BOMBSHELL: Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty, Will Cooperate With Mueller

Lawrence: Donald Trump Testifies About Obstruction Of Justice On Twitter

Donald Trump Tries The Nixon Defense

Republican Admits Real Truth Behind Tax Cuts

Republican On Why You Don't Deserve Tax Cuts

Republican Senator Thinks Kids Are Lazy For Not Getting Their Own Healthcare Coverage

Marco Rubio Makes It Clear: Republicans Will Cut Social Security And Medicare After Tax Cuts Pass

MILLIONS Of Americans Will Lose Their Health Insurance with GOP Tax Plan

Friday, December 1, 2017

BREAKING: Republicans Have The Votes On Monstrous Tax Bill

Trump’s Biggest Lie About His Tax Plan Exposed By Corporate CEOs

Senate Republicans Kill Democratic Measure To Force Companies To Spend Tax Cuts On Workers

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Fails To Deliver Promised Tax Report

Facing Widespread Protest GOP Pushes Tax Bill In Party-Line Vote

Maverick McCain Hands Your Money To Billionaires

The New GOP Tax Bill Is Worse Than You Think...

Lawrence O'Donnell: GOP Tax Bill Is 'Breathtakingly Bad'

How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist

Get Ready For Trump's Expensive Internet Tiers

President Donald Trump's Mental State An 'Enormous Present Danger'

World Astonished At Yet More Falsehoods From President Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump Losing His Grip On Reality?

Mulvaney To Help Payday Lenders And Banks Fleece America

Debunked: Donald Trump’s Claim Barack Obama Didn’t Say Merry Christmas

Trump Co-Author On 2 WH Aides Made Calls About His Mental Health

How Trump's Swamp Is Taking Over The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau