Sunday, July 28, 2019

'Moscow Mitch' Under Fire For Ignoring Election Security

McConnell Is Refusing To Protect America From Election Interference

Neal Katyal On How To Prosecute A Sitting President

Mitch McConnell Partners With Russian Hackers

The Must-See Mueller Testimony Moments

Senate Report: Russia Targeted Voting Systems In All 50 States

Mitch McConnell Still Won’t Protect Our Elections

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Biggest Moments from Robert Mueller's Congressional Hearing

Some Surprises Among Damning Mueller Testimony, Bad Day For Donald Trump

Mueller Knocks Down Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ Claim

No Hoax Here: Highlights of Collusion Talk in Robert Mueller's Testimony

Rep. Eric Swalwell on Witness Tampering, Communication with Putin at Mueller Testimony

Rep. Adam Schiff's Opening Statement at Mueller Testimony

Mueller: Trump Asked Staff To Falsify Records To Protect Himself Related To Investigation

Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security 'Fundamentally Damaged'

Robert Reich: How Corporate Welfare Hurts You

Just 4 Republicans Stand Up To Trump, Condemn Racist Tweets

Can You Exonerate The President? & Other Questions Porter Would Ask Mueller

Another Former Donald Trump Aide Convicted; Mike Flynn Strategy Suffers Blow

Haaland: As A Native American, I'd Never Tell Anyone To Leave This Country

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Challenges Trump Official on Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group

Congresswomen Rebuke Trump's 'Racism' And 'Weak' Leadership

Jon Meacham: Trump Joined Johnson As ‘Most Racist President In American History'

Trump Org. Insider: He's Scared Tax Returns Will Expose Lies

Fmr Border Patrol Agent 'Not Surprised' At Racist, Sexist Report

Lawmaker: Trump Causing 'Pain' To Kids In Migrant 'Jail Cells'

How YouTube "Radicalizes" The Alt-Right

What Are U.S. Allies Saying About Trump Behind His Back? New Leaks

New Federal Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein Describe Familiar Pattern

Migrant Children Describe Sex Assault, Retaliation By Border Agents

The Violence In Donald Trump's Wake

Monday, July 22, 2019

Paragon Of Corruption At Trump Interior Draws Eye Of Congress

President Donald Trump Campaign Hush Money Scam Appears To Have Worked

The Trump Swamp: Dept. Of Labor Edition

Rep. Katie Porter Challenging Big Business On Fair Pay

Megan Rapinoe: Time For The Next Step For Women's Soccer

In William Barr Trump Finds Tool Against Political Enemies, Investigators

Mueller Report Volume 1 Evidence Points To Dictionary Definition Of 'Collusion'

Sunday, July 21, 2019

What The Mueller Report Reveals About Trump's Mental State

The President Donald Trump Groupie Who Got Away

Behind The DNC Staffer Murder Conspiracy Theory

Paul Manafort And Sean Hannity Exchanged Hundreds Of Texts

Donald Trump’s Travel Essentials: Insults For America's Allies

Watch Hollywood’s A-List Stars Bring The Mueller Report To Life

Fox News vs. North Korean State TV

Monday, July 8, 2019

President Donald Trump Gives Creator Of Failed Economic Theory The Medal Of Freedom

Pence NSA Kept Maria Butina Tie Secret At Senate Confirmation: WaPo

Donald Trump Has Chosen Lobbyists To Run EPA, HHS, DOD, And Interior

Why Is Donald Trump's DOJ Helping Convicted Felon Manafort?

Donald Trump Claims No One Calls The FBI- Meet The Man Who Did

Donald Trump Unchastened By Russia Scandal, Still Open To Foreign Help

Donald Trump Says He’d Take Dirt On Opponent From Foreign Government

Chao Corruption Shocking Even For Scandal-Plagued Donald Trump Cabinet

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Ethics Questions Abound As Kushner Firm Gets $90M From Unknown Foreign Investors

Removed Redactions Show More Extensive Flynn Contacts With Russia

Mueller CONFIRMS Trump's Crimes

New Revelations From Hard Drives Of Deceased GOP Operative

James Baker 'Worried' About Trump's 'Coup' Attacks

Lawrence's Last Word: Trump's Lies About Why He Didn't Serve In Vietnam

Lawrence's Last Word: Another Day, Another Impeachable Offense

Group Delivers Highlighted Mueller Report To GOP Congress Members

Robert Mueller’s Final Warning To The American Public

Jeff Daniels: ‘We Can't Go On Like This’

Impact Of Mueller Statement Highlights Need For Public Testimony

Inside Team Trump’s Plot To Whitewash Mueller’s Historic Report

Robert Mueller Makes Clear Onus For Trump Accountability Is On Congress

Mueller Gave A Stark Warning About Russia In Remarks On Trump Investigation

Impeach Donald Trump And Pence? Fmr. GOP Congressman Says It Should Happen.

Mitch McConnell Blocks Bills To Combat Election Interference

Robert Mueller Contradicted Attorney General William Barr

Mueller Makes History: Not Confident Trump Didn't Commit A Crime

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Trump Refuses To Believe That Most Americans Can’t Stand Him

Let's talk about toilets, borders, and AOC....

Can You Guess Who Is A Huge Fake News Offender On Facebook?

Donald Trump's Using The Military And Making July 4th A Vile Political Fight

Jewish Americans Stand Up Against Trump

Ron Perlman On Calling Out Trump's Corruption

Colonel Blasts Draft-Dodging Trump For Military Parade Trappings

Trump Parade Is Total Disaster

Trump Demands Military Tanks Be At His 4th Of July Parade

Fox News Veteran Rips 'Conman' Trump For Russia 'Collusion'

Trump Making Fake Supporter Ads

Donald Trump USDA Climate Science Quash Squanders US Science Leadership

The Donald Trump Effect On Indiana Farmers

GOP Representative Justin Amash Doubles Down On Call For Impeachment

Risks To US Intel Seen In Trump Vendetta Against Russia Probe

Former Republican Federal Prosecutors Speak Out Against President Trump's Obstruction of Justice

Pete Buttigieg Takes On Draft Dodger President Donald Trump

Meacham: If I Were In Congress, I'd Want To Hold Trump Impeachment Hearings

Wife Of Lobbyist For Russian Plant In KY Got Boost From Mitch McConnell

Rep. Katie Porter: Ben Carson Gave ‘Zero Competent Answers’ In Hearing

GOP Representative Justin Amash Calls For Impeaching President Donald Trump

Jeff Daniels: 'It’s The End Of Democracy’ If We Lose 2020

GOP Rep. Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Has Engaged In Impeachable Conduct