Saturday, October 27, 2018

Trump Era Unique For Violent Extremists Inspired By US President

Malcolm Nance: This Nation Sustained A Terrorist Mail Bombing Campaign

Bombing Suspect's Van Is DISTURBING

Steve Schmidt: We've Arrived At This Dark Hour Because Of Donald Trump

Right Wing Media Push Bomb Conspiracy Theories

Two More Targeted With Bomb Threats And Trump's Ridiculous Response At Rally

The Party of Violence?

Domestic Terrorist Targets Top Trump Critics

Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Did Not Mail The Bombs But He Created The Atmosphere

President Donald Trump Talks Bombs Then Slams Media

Philippe Reines: Donald Trump's Rhetoric Can't Be Ignored In Wake Of Bombs

Lawrence: Donald Trump Campaigning On ‘Fear And Loathing And Lying’

Ambassador Wendy Sherman On Donald Trump's ‘Bizarre’ Jamal Khashoggi Claims

A History of Crushing Dissent: Before Khashoggi, Saudis Targeted Feminists Demanding Right to Drive

Anatomy of an Assasination: A Bone Saw and a Body Double

Former Ambassador: Saudis' Jamal Khashoggi Story "Absolutely Outlandish"

Possible Saudi Fall Guy For Jamal Khashoggi Also Trump Camp Middle Man

Rpt: Donald Trump, Saudis Seek ‘Mutually Agreeable Explanation’ In Killing

Donald Trump Denies Money Made From Saudi Arabia He Used To Brag About

Representative Eric Swalwell On President Donald Trump And Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump’s Tepid Response To Missing Journalist News

Friday, October 26, 2018

Singer Jason Isbell Explains Backing Democrats In 2018

Greg Palast Sues Georgia’s Brian Kemp for Purging 340,000 from Voter Rolls Ahead of Election

Budget Deficit Soars To 6-Year High Under President Donald Trump

Trump Promise Demolished: Deficit Skyrockets After GOP Tax Scam

If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be

Brian Kemp Record Shows Poor Stewardship Of Georgia's Election System

Media Too Quick To Dismiss Donald Trump/Alfa Bank Server Contact Story

'Moneyball' Author Studies President Donald Trump, Finds Government Neglect

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Senator Susan Collins Will Vote 'Yes' On Kavanaugh And Lone Democrat Abandons Party

Brett Kavanaugh Vote Will Drive Political Backlash If History Is Guide

‘No American is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court,’ Sen. Harris says

Lawrence: ‘The Senate Is An Unfixable Crime Against Democracy’

Thursday, October 4, 2018

What Does The EPA Closing Its Key Science Office Mean For The Future?

Don Lemon: Trump loves being 'victim-in-chief'

Trump Tax Bombshell Shows 'It’s Hard Out Here For A Con Man'

NYT Expose: “Self-Made Billionaire” Donald Trump Built Empire on Father’s Money, Tax Dodging & Fraud

FBI Ends Brett Kavanaugh Probe Without Talking To Dozens Of Witnesses

Brett Kavanaugh Fails Own Test Of Judicial Temperament

Monday, October 1, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Ex-Senate Aide: Judge Brett Kavanaugh Has Lied Every Time He Has Testified Under Oath

We CANNOT Overlook Brett Kavanaugh's Perjury

Trump Admin Says Planet Is Burning Down, So Let’s Just Ruin It Now

Farmers Say Trump’s Bailout Has Done Little To Save Them From His Tariffs

The World Unites In Laughing At Trump

President Donald Trump's Infamous Gaffe Correction Strategy

A Laughing Matter: President Donald Trump Again Takes The World Stage