Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mitch McConnell At Nexus Of Increased Russian Leverage On U.S.

Army Veteran Calls President Donald Trump 'The Biggest Enemy'

Carl Reiner and Other Veterans Speak Out Against Trump

The President Donald Trump Team Rewrites The Statue Of Liberty

The President Donald Trump Administration's Attack On The Statue Of Liberty

Trump Reminds Us How Far He's Lowered The Bar

Man Charged For Threatening AOC

President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns

Donald Trump Business Conflicts Further Degrade US Credibility On China

Trump Lie Count EXPLODES to 12,000+

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Trump Administration Announces Rules Weakening Endangered Species Act

Black GOP Congressman Rebukes Party, Trump: Don't Be A 'Racist'

Beto O'Rourke Calls Out Trump as a Racist After El Paso Shooting

Trump's Rallies Reveal A Horrifying TRUTH

Exposed: Facts Prove White Supremacy Is Not A ‘Hoax’

Ex-FBI Agent Speaks Out: Federal Authorities Have Downplayed White Supremacist Violence for Too Long

Hate Crime Expert: Crimes Spike Around Trump's Election, Rhetoric

Beto O’Rourke Says What All Of Us Are Thinking

White Nationalist Domestic Terror Reaches Crisis Point For U.S.

Trump Supporter MELTDOWN: “It’s Fake News!”

Viral QAnon Video Shows Cult-Like Followers Will Believe Anything

QAnon and Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists Rampant at Trump Rallies

CNN anchor lists the 'baseless' conspiracies Trump has pushed

FBI Warns of Fringe Conspiracy Theories

Hong Kong Protests: A Reaction to Beijing's Growing Effort for Control

ALERT: Trump Internet Censorship Order is Authoritarian CRISIS

US Withdrawal from INF Treaty Creates Greater Nuclear Instability

"They are fed up": Moscow protests challenge the Kremlin's authority

Exterminating the Future: World Outcry Grows as Brazil Rapidly Expands Deforestation of Amazon

Riot Police Clash With Hong Kong Protesters As Demonstrations Grow Violent

Nina Khrushcheva on Moscow Protests, Nuclear Tensions & How U.S. Media Creates Animosity with Russia

“The Next Step Is the Kremlin”: Why Moscow Protests Have Putin’s Government Worried

Hong Kong Grounds Flights as Mass Sit-in Shuts Down Airport After Weekend of Protests