Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Trump Lied About Everything On The Campaign Trail...

GOP Rep: 'Bullcrap' That Taxpayers Pay My Salary!

US World Standing Rests With Military, State

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Trump Administration 'Careening Incompetence' Risks Crisis

Trump’s EPA Cuts Are A Death Sentence For American Children

Trump’s Backdoor Attempt To De-Fund Social Security

Friday, April 7, 2017

Donald Trump Hides Signing Of Unpopular Legislation

Is This The Secret Russian Deal Trump Made?

UH-OH: Ex-Trump Adviser Met With Russian Spy, Passed Documents

Guy In Charge Of Oversight: Rich People Can't Be Corrupt!

Scandalized Donald Trump Camp Pushes Distraction

Former Donald Trump Adviser Duped By Russian Spies

White House Meddling Threatens Donald Trump Administration

Trump Administration Scandals Risk Normalizing Corruption

Michael Flynn Will Testify For Immunity

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Political Strains In West Serve Vladimir Putin Goals

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Blocked Yates Testimony Looking More Like Cover Up

Trump Tells Time Magazine He Must Be Doing Well Because “I’m President And You’re Not”

Taxpayers Have Spent $16k For Secret Service To Rent Golf Carts At Mar-A-Lago